“A Grim Omen” Event in Pokemon Go: Absol Spawning and What We Know So Far

In Pokemon Go, a sudden event known as A Grim Omen has begun, leaving many players perplexed about what is happening and why Absol is spawning all over the area. The sudden debut of the A Grim Omen event this week has taken many Pokemon Go trainers off guard. This is because of the emphasis that is presently being focused on the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn event, which will take place worldwide from February 25 to February 26.

It is not typical for Niantic to notify players of upcoming events through blog posts or tweets; therefore, it seems strange that this event started without any previous notification. Because of this, many people need clarification about what the event entails and what kinds of activities they can participate in during it.

Even though we are still in the dark, we have compiled everything we know about the A Grim Omen event that will be taking place in Pokemon Go below.

Grim Omen Event

An explanation of the Pokemon Go event A Grim Omen

A Grim Omen is an unexpected mini-event that will take place once per day at midday for a predetermined number of days. You will have little time to participate in this event because wild Absol will be spawning all over the map for precisely five minutes throughout this period.

The duration of the event known as A Grim Omen is unknown to us, but we have a good feeling that it will end on Friday, February 24, 2023. This is because the eagerly anticipated Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn event will occur throughout the weekend. This event is a great time to either find a Shiny Absol, believed to have a greater Shiny rate than most other Pokemon or catch a high-quality Absol to Mega Evolve into something more substantial. If you are concerned about missing out on something, try to create a reminder for the middle of the day each week.

It is important to note, however, that several players have mentioned that they have yet to come across any Absol spawns throughout the first day of this mini-event. This suggests that there is a possibility that Absol will continue to have a relatively low spawn rate even after the event has ended. All the information you require for the a Grim Omen event has been provided here. Have a look at some more guides for Pokemon Go right here.

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