Tarik’s Takeover of VCT LOCK/IN Stream Dominates Valorant Viewership

As a direct consequence of the Valorant streaming behemoth Tarik taking control of the official VCT LOCK/IN feed, the tournament is currently garnering more viewers and longer hours of viewing time than in the past.

The content king has long held the title of Valorant’s streamer with the most viewers. His watch parties have grown in popularity as a place for Valorant fans, both casual and dedicated, to assemble and watch VCT matches. The king has just successfully dethroned the official stream of Valorant with that statement.

The Alpha bracket of the VCT LOCK/IN tournament has officially ended, marking the event’s halfway point. As a direct result, DRX and LOUD made it through to the competition’s semifinals. Also, it has already set new standards in the industry.

Valorant’s LOUD vs NRG Match Peaks at 6th in Viewership

The match between LOUD and NRG that would determine who would participate in the semifinals achieved a peak audience of 879,849 people, making it sixth among all Valorant games in popularity. The match would decide who would play in the semifinals. As an additional point of interest, most viewers came via Tarik’s broadcast.

According to Esports Charts, most people checked into Tarik’s streams rather than any other. Even though Valorant was broadcasting the first leg of the tournament on his Twitch channel, he still had more viewers than any other channel streaming the event.

At its height, the unofficial Valorant broadcast had 161,600 viewers and 2.8 million hours viewed, while the official Valorant feed had 106,700 viewers and 2.4 million hours watched. The total number of hours watched on the unofficial stream was 2.8 million. That’s a difference of more than 50,000 people watching the show. While the VCT LOCK/IN competition continues, Tarik is solidifying his current position as Valorant’s primary stream.

Sentinels, one of the most dominant teams in North America, will take on Fnatic, one of the most dominant teams in Europe. The omega bracket is set to get underway. Both teams will be playing with entirely new lineups, even though this is a rematch of the grand finale during the Masters Reykjavik 2021 tournament, which Sentinels won.

This match is anticipated to be equally as significant as the other LOCK/IN battles because it was Valorant’s third most-viewed match. Our coverage of the competition is available to read about on this page.

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