3D Printed Life-Sized Pokemon Statues Go Viral on TikTok

After exhibiting the life-sized Pokemon statuettes they’ve built and colored, a 3D printer and an artist have developed a TikTok that has gone viral after posting it online. Pokemon is a series of video games that has inspired fans to create some fantastic works of art. This is due to the vast number of creatures that appear in fun and the variety in how they are designed.

Pokemon fans take great pride in showcasing their handiwork, ranging from very elaborate tie-dye shirts to excellent cosplays of Pokémon and the characters they play. After showing off the many sculptures he’s produced and colored, including some fan-favorite monsters, a 3D printer, and artist has now gone popular on TikTok. His videos have been viewed millions of times.

TikTok channel features an artist’s display of Pokémon sculptures

The TikTok was uploaded by a user named Twisted mask, also known as William. William owns an extensive video library in which he demonstrates the process of creating 3D-printed sculptures.

William displayed the rough foundation of four separate Pokemon statuettes that were all modeled to be life-sized. These figurines were all shown exhibited in his viral TikTok video. That is to say, William determined the heights of each model based on the in-game measurements stated in the Pokedex for each Pokémon. The film demonstrated the different forms that the series’ mascots, such as Pikachu and Eevee, can take, as well as the well-known Eeveelutions Jolteon and Umbreon.

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William’s TikTok helps put into perspective how tiny or enormous some Pokemon would actually be if they appeared in the real world. William said these words as he pointed to the empty Eevee figurine and explained, “When you know Eevee is just 1 foot tall…1 that’s foot exactly to the top of Eevee’s head.”

He then took note of the heights of each of the sculptures he had sculpted, noting that Pikachu stood at 1 foot and 4 inches, Umbrean was 3 feet, and 3 inches tall, and Jolteon was 2 feet and 7 inches tall. Many viewers responded to the TikTok video by stating that the artist should go on to more difficult Pokémon next. “Imagine Snorlax, Gengar, Blastoise?!” Still, another supporter remarked, “Now it’s time for ONYX.”

On the other hand, William has previously produced several more significant works, such as a Charizard sculpture that is nearly life-size. If you want to see more of these incredible Pokemon pieces, you should check out twisted mack’s whole TikTok page as soon as possible.

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