TSM Reinforces Roster for LCS Summer 2023 Split with Signing of Fenix

For the LCS Summer 2023 split, TSM has signed Kim ‘Fenix’ Jae-hun, according to the international contract database. As of May 18, TSM added several new players to their roster, including Fenix, a 27-year-old Korean mid-laner who has not played since 2020. Along with Lee ‘Ruby’ Sol-min, a Korean mid-laner who arrives from Team Heretics, and head coach Seong ‘Reven’ Sang-Hyeon, formerly of Cloud9 Challengers, he is one of three new additions to TSM’s squad.

Fenix got a short-term contract through July 31, while Ruby signed an agreement that runs until November 2024 with TSM. Although TSM’s plans for Fenix are unknown, many assume he will stand in for Ruby at the start of the Summer split. After placing seventh in the Spring Split, TSM is presently in the process of revamping its lineup. They have parted ways with AD Carry Toàn ‘Neo’ Trn, top laner Colin ‘Solo’ Earnest, and mid-laner Huang ‘Maple’ Yi-tang.

The backroom staff at TSM has also undergone several changes, with the departures of team manager Chien-Yu ‘Kristine’ Huang, League of Legends general manager Yang ‘Glen’ Po-Jen, and head coach Wong ‘Chawy’ Lei. TSM is one of the seven LCS teams that will no longer compete in the NA Challengers League after Riot Games declared that academy teams would no longer be required. They need a mid-laner to temporarily attend the LCS roster because they no longer have an Academy team.

Fenix is who?

Between 2013 and 2014, Fenix began his professional career as a top laner, competing in Champions Korea (which later evolved into the LCK). He relocated to North America in 2015 and played as a mid-layer for several LCS teams there. Also, he represented Team Liquid, Echo Fox, and Dignitas between 2015 and 2020. He also participated in Dignitas Academy’s final year as an AD Carry and mid-laner.

Viper last played in a competitive game on August 15, 2020, when they lost to TSM 3-0 in the LCS 2020 Summer Playoffs. He and top laner Omran ‘V1per’ Shoura were released by Dignitas three months later.TSM hasn’t made any declarations on their LCS Summer 2023 plans. On June 1, they will play Team Liquid in their opening split match.

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