TSM Announces Departure from LCS: Pursuing World Championship in a New Tier 1 Region

TSM is one of the most recognizable League of Legends organizations, and they have played a significant role in developing esports in North America. According to CEO Andy ‘ Reginald ‘ Dinh, TSM will leave the LCS for another tier 1 region after more than a decade.

North America has played a significant part in the illustrious competitive history of League of Legends. Players like Dyrus, Bjergsen, and Doublelift have genuinely distinguished out as superstars inside the LCS despite rarely experiencing worldwide success. And each of those players has already competed for TSM.

Despite its dismal overall performance over the last few years, TSM still maintains a sizable following that has endured the test of time. Furthermore, many of those fans have been waiting for a TSM squad to demonstrate North America’s might finally. While TSM has changed significantly to attempt to win a Worlds title, that shift won’t keep them in North America. TSM CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh has declared that the company will leave the LCS and relocate to one of the LPL, LEC, or LCK, which are all tier 1 regions.

TSM is quitting the LCS to go after a world championship

They had success in the domestic market. They were frequently a top 3 squad in their region and won the championship until recently. This team was at the top even in the early stages of League of Legends.

On a global scale, things could have gone better. Like many other North American groups, the team only had a little luck at Worlds. Reginald revealed that the squad is moving from the LCS to another tier 1 area to find a team that has a shot at winning an international championship.

He justified their decision: “We have made a difficult decision to begin the transition to another Tier 1 region. Although it might seem abrupt, we have been actively working toward this for the past three years. Then, he added, “whatever it takes” will be done by TSM to bring a World Championship home, even if that home is in another nation. He said it’s a tier 1 region, which limits TSM to a move to the LPL, LCK, or LEC, even though the destination region still needs clarification.

However, this announcement does not imply they won’t complete the LCS Summer Split. Still, the squad has been seen making roster changes, like temporarily signing Fenix to ensure they have a roster for the Summer Season.

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