Struggling Karmine Corp’s losing streak on own map picks in VCT EMEA

Karmine Corp has yet to get the best possible start in the VCT EMEA competition. The French-speaking team holds a record of 1-3 and has compiled a fantastic losing streak on their map picks. KCorp has yet to get off to a good start in the VCT EMEA competition, as evidenced by the team’s record of 1-3 places it near the bottom of the standings. Since Team Vitality routed them 2-0 and humiliated them in Week 3, the team has gone on a losing skid on the maps they have chosen themselves.

Karmine Corp has suffered defeat on their map picks in their most recent three Valorant matches, losing 13-2 to Vitality, Team Liquid, and Team Heretics, respectively. The Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom-led KC roster chose Split when playing against Heretics and Liquid, but they went with Ascent versus Vitality. They did not put up much of a fight in any of the three matches, even though they were playing on maps that, in theory, they should have known inside and out.

Karmine Corporation’s performance in VCT EMEA continues to deteriorate

The single victory of the season for the French team occurred in their very first game of the season, which was played against BBL Esports, a Turkish squad currently in the worst place in the league with a record of 0-4. Willminder, who is in charge of the Knights’ statistical analysis, claims that the company’s statistics look much worse when all of Karmine Corp.’s records are considered together. According to his calculations, the team has won an average of under four rounds on each map in their most recent three encounters.

Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson, a caster and commentator for VCT Americas, has been criticizing the French team ever since VCT LOCK//IN for its lack of tactical awareness and generally wrong usage of utility. He says this is due to the fact that the French squad needs to employ utility better.

Karmine Corp will have five more matches in the league to play before the playoffs begin, during which time they can work on improving their map selection and picking up some victories. Only the top six teams from the regular season and the top four teams from the playoffs qualify for the VCT Masters in Tokyo—only the top six teams from the regular season cut. On April 21, the French squad will play NAVI in their upcoming contest in the VCT EMEA tournament.

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