Confusion and Concerns Arise Among Professional Players Over Raze’s Recent Nerf in Valorant Patch 6.03

Killjoy and Raze received significant stat reductions due to the changes in patch 6.03 for Valorant. Online, some professional players and coaches voiced considerable confusion over the recent changes to Raze, which, in their opinion, were needless.

The only modification to Raze’s Boom Bot made it better to scout ahead and clear corners. Patch 6.03 lowered the agent’s ability duration from 10 seconds to five seconds. This skill is particularly significant in competitive play since it provides a way to look for information on the opponent’s whereabouts without placing the player at risk while doing so.

As a result of the reduction in its duration, the ability is less beneficial across the board for the vast majority of teams. Many people involved in the competitive scene are concerned that this could eliminate an agent who has already become obsolete.

The nerf to Raze has caused confusion within the pro-Valorant camp

In professional play, Raze has only appeared in roughly thirty percent of matches since the last patch. He is typically only picked on maps where the currently most popular Duelist, Jett, is not played. In other words, professional players rarely use Raze.

It would be a welcome shift if Raze played a more significant role than she now does. This merely provides Jett with further motivation to engage in one-trick play,” Fnatic head coach Jacob “mini” Harris stated through Twitter.

Magnum and NiSMO, two professional players, were among those who voiced their confusion aloud on the reasoning behind Riot Games’ decision to nerf the Duelist and whether or not the developer was favoring Jett over Raze in competitive Valorant play.

Doug “EsportsDoug” Cortez, a caster for Valorant who is presently casting VCT LOCK/IN, turned to Twitter to voice his amazement at the latest changes to the game’s balance.

Riot’s nerf of Raze and Killjoy in the same patch surprised not only the casual community of Valorant but also affected gameplay, considering the two characters’ romantic involvement in the game’s narrative. Additionally, the update was made available on Valentine’s Day.

As a result of the fact that the tournament will continue to be played on patch 6.02, the professional Valorant community will only have to cope with the nerfs after the VCT LOCK/IN. As soon as the patch goes live, players can observe the changes brought about by the update in their rated matches.

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