Sentinels Launches SEN Society: The Ultimate Fan Club Experience

The Sentinels have introduced SEN Society, their new fan club, which will function as a subscription service for fans interested in purchasing unique items and content and gaining access to the team’s professional players.

On May 17, Sentinels announced that they were launching their fan club called SEN Society. Fans who become club members will get access to previously unreleased content, first dibs on unique goods releases, access to the organization’s professional players, and “behind-the-scenes moments.” Subscribers will receive new content every week, and fans who join the SEN Society in its early phases will be eligible to receive special pins demonstrating they were a fan club member on its first day.

Fans who participate in the initiative will have the opportunity to meet and greet professional players who are signed to Sentinels, participate in live question-and-answer segments with the players, and even have the chance to be included in material alongside the players. Fans can display their membership card to gain access to meet-and-greets, discounts on items, and possibly even more privileges in exchange for the monthly membership cost of $5. In addition, members receive a membership card. On the fan club’s website, exclusive content that is only accessible to members has already been added.

Sentinels founded the SEN Society

The Sentinels fan club was established five years after the group renamed itself Sentinels from its previous name, Phoenix1. The esports organization presently fields rosters in Halo, Valorant, and Apex Legends, and it also has some of the most prominent content creators in Valorant, such as Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik, and Apex, in the form of Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn. Halo is one of the games that the company currently competes in.

Sentinels are the most recent esports company to introduce some fan club or membership scheme for their community of supporters. Fans prepared to pay a recurring fee are given special access to their favorite team’s players and products by Cloud9, Fnatic, and Team Liquid, each operating its version of the SEN Society. Also, fans can show their support for esports organizations without having to shell out a lot of money for expensive products or rely solely on watching matches and cheering for their favorite teams online, thanks to the accessibility and affordability offered by these fan clubs.

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