Sentinels’ Backup Player Marved Unlikely to Replace TenZ Anytime Soon Due to Visa Issues

Some have conjectured that Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen, the Sentinels’ backup player, may soon seize the starting position now that speculations have surfaced that Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo may temporarily leave the team’s squad. George Geddes, though, asserts that the player won’t be replaced any time soon.

Sentinels’ 2023 VCT season has yet to get off to a great start, as the team has yet to appear to be in great shape and has only won one series thus far. As the team recently hired former OpTic Gaming member Marved as a replacement while Hunter “SicK” Mims serves his internal suspension following his arrest in March, fans of the team have hypothesized that the group may make changes.

Additionally, there have been rumors that TenZ would not play for the team the entire season in order to take care of his fiancee, Kyedae ‘Kyedae’ Shymko, who just disclosed that she would shortly begin chemotherapy for her cancer. Because of this, many supporters believe that Marved will eventually join the Sentinels’ starting lineup. But it’s unlikely that the 2022 Valorant Champions runner-up will appear very soon. According to George Geddes, he still needs to finish his work visa in order to compete in VCT Americas.

To compete with Sentinels, Marved is still attempting to obtain a visa

Marved is a Canadian player who needs a specific work visa to compete in US esports. While he has previously participated in tournaments with OpTic Gaming in North America, he played from Canada or participated online in the region.

He and other players from Canada and other nations outside the United States must apply for work visas to participate in the Los Angeles-based studio since Riot Games switched to a league system. Marved is working on getting a permit, according to Geddes, and he may have one by the middle of the season.

However, Sentinels will continue to use their existing roster for the foreseeable future due to Marved’s inability to obtain a visa. The starting five will remain in place when the team faces Leviatán on April 16.

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