Nadeshot’s Perspective on Scump’s Legacy: The Debate for the Greatest Call of Duty Player of All Time

Although there are a few deserving contenders for the title of greatest Call of Duty player of all time, Nadeshot believes Scump was the best of the best.

In the middle of the Modern Warfare 2 season, Seth “Scump” Abner surprised the Call of Duty and gaming communities on January 17 by announcing his retirement. GOAT discussions were unavoidably provoked by The King’s departure. Some CoD fans want to name the best player in the game, just like football fans debate Messi vs. Ronaldo or basketball fans support Jordan vs. James.

However, some supporters contend that players like Scump, Ian “Crimsix,” Damon “Karma,” Matt “FormaL,” James “Clayster,” and Damon “Barlow” all have a legitimate claim to the throne. Nadeshot, the creator of 100 Thieves and a former member of OpTic Gaming, has the unique perspective of having played with and briefly against Scump during his peak.

OpTic Gaming 2015

Nade Clarified Why Scump Separates Out From The Competition

Scump and Nadeshot collaborated for three complete seasons, with a few more cameos thrown in. The two became two of the most well-known figures in Call of Duty and ran OpTic for the initial phase of a legendary dynasty run.

In the most recent episode of the 100 Thieves Cast, Nadeshot named the person he believes to be Call of Duty’s GOAT. Based only on big event victories, Crimsix is in the lead with a total of 37. Porter was a constant force until his retirement in 2022 and was crucial to compLexity and OpTic Gaming’s dynasty campaigns.

“People don’t treat Crimsix with the respect he merits in light of his accomplishments. It almost seems as though the world turns upside down if you cross the Green Wall the wrong way, making you the number one enemy of the people. Many people don’t discuss Crimsix’s accomplishments, his astounding number of tournament victories, or how consistently he achieved them.

“I just think from a talent standpoint, from the teams Scump played on, many of those with me and other fluctuations, outside pressures, teams not being right, I think if Scump had the same teammates as some of these players did over the years, I think his resume would be just as stacked,” the author said.

The CoD era is over with Scump’s retirement, but Nadeshot doesn’t think the top five or top ten are set in stone just yet. Nade immediately thought of Simp AbeZy and Cellium as players with the potential to join the pantheon of CoD’s best players.

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