Miscommunication in the LCK Leads to Unfair Advantages for KT Rolster: BRION’s Side Selection Controversy

A team from the LCK, BRION, received false information regarding the starting lineup for their game versus KT Rolster. Forty minutes before the match, BRION learned they would be on the blue side after planning their whole draft on being on the red side.

Drafting well is the most critical factor in determining who comes out on top in a match of League of Legends. It doesn’t matter how skilled the players are; to win, the team needs to be organized in a way that allows them to use their strengths and work toward a specific objective.

In professional play, it is essential to devise a strategy for the drafting process that enables your team to acquire power picks and counter picks. This is because both the blue and red sides come with unique sets of advantages.

It has been revealed that BRION received the incorrect side assignment from their opponent KT Rolster before their match, and BRION has admitted that they just learned their side assignment forty minutes before the start of the game.

LCK officials express regret to BRION for the incorrect side selection.

Due to a miscommunication, BRION was underprepared for their match versus KT Rolster, adversely affecting how they planned their drafts. Despite the error, BRION was obliged to start the game 40 minutes after learning they would be playing on the blue side rather than the red.

In their statement, BRION provided a complete account of the situation, showing errors that LCK officials had committed and for which the LCK had issued an official apology.

According to the LCK rulebook, “side selections are made three days before each match, and league officials are responsible for informing teams of the side selections.” This gives teams a few days to strategize their draft strategy about their rival and decide which picks to focus on.

The preliminary planning time for KT Rolster lasted for a total of three days. It took BRION 40 minutes.

The LCK officials in charge of league operations acknowledged full responsibility for the error, but some supporters regarded the way BRION was treated as “unacceptable.”

LCK supporters believe that this apology is insufficient to make up for their team’s loss to KT Rolster because games are continuing as normal despite BRION having significantly less time to prepare. They argue that this is because games continue as normal even though KT Rolster won. Their statement indicates that BRION expects to bring a legal complaint shortly.

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