Disappointing Defeat: TeeP’s Warzone 2 Nuclear Challenge Struggles in Season 1

Warzone 2’s nuclear challenge has been plagued with a number of significant problems during Season 1, and TeeP’s team was stricken by a cataclysmic one right when they were on the verge of completing a Champion’s Domination.

The nuclear challenge in Champion’s Quest is the most difficult mission in Warzone 2’s campaign. It requires teams to win precisely six consecutive games to get started, and after that, it needs them to win exactly five more games to finish.

When TeeP and crew were right on the verge of pulling it off, another team sped ahead of them and accomplished their goal first. The interruption that occurred right at the eleventh hour was sufficient to throw everything off and utterly derail their progress.

Because of a tragic bug, TeeP’s Warzone 2 crew could not complete the nuke task.

Former Call of Duty professionals TeeP, Apathy, and Slacked teamed forces with Symfuhny to attempt a nuke together, and the group came within a hair’s breadth of crossing the finish line.

The squad was on their way to gather the last of three elements when an opponent squad beat them to the final piece of the element puzzle and scooped it up for themselves. Despite the rival side’s efforts to prevent it, the opposing team picked it up, and the professionals continued their winning streak. It wasn’t until TeeP’s crew sought to loot the element back that they recognized anything was up. They said, “T is not here; it has moved.”

Naturally, there were only a few members of the team who found the situation to be enjoyable. Throughout the entirety of the match, they continued to vent their frustrations, even after they had already scored their sixth victory.

While Symfunhy whined, “There’s no way that T bugged out on that one,” TeeP grumbled about how far they had to chase the interfering squad. “There’s no way that T bugged out on that one,” Symfunhy said. There is no way that T could have blanked out on that question.

Players anticipate that a number of issues, including this one, will be rectified upon the release of Season 2 on February 15th, and this is only one of those issues.

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