LOUD Team Captain Stands Strong: Saadhak Responds to Internal Conflict Report

LOUD team captain Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro has issued a declaration of support with his teammates in response to a report stating that the squad suffers from internal conflicts. Following its strong performance in the VCT LOCK//IN and VCT Americas runs, LOUD has experienced a brief period of underperformance. The team had a strong start, finishing in second place at VCT LOCK//IN and taking first place in the VCT Americas playoffs, but they struggled once they reached Masters Tokyo.

The group gave the impression of being disorganized and was eliminated from the competition after playing only two matches, both of which they lost 2-0 to Evil Geniuses and Edward Gaming—in a video with Valorant analyst and content creator Sean’sgares’ Gares, esports insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau asserted that LOUD is suffering from internal troubles concerning their top player Erick ‘Aspas’ Santos. Gares and Breslau worked together on the video.

Although Aspas has maintained his status as one of the finest Valorant players in the world this year, he appeared to be playing below his usual level at Masters Tokyo and only used his signature Agent, Jett, on a single map. As a result of Aspas’ decision to remain in Los Angeles with his lover rather than travel with the club, Slasher has reported that the team is in disarray, and they even practiced without the star player when they were in Brazil.

Saadhak, the LOUD IGL, responds to the report of a fracture around Aspas

Saadhak, the team captain for LOUD, has responded to the news stating that the team is cohesive and ready to make a run at Valorant Champions 2023. “Our group has a history of maintaining a wall of secrecy around itself; we live in our little world and keep everyone else on the outside looking in. Incredible that some individuals will try to create clickbait without knowing the subject matter. Saadhak claimed in a post that the team is “united and focused” 100% on the Champions.

At the Valorant World Championship, LOUD was placed in the most challenging group. For the Brazilian team to advance to the competition’s playoff stage, they will likely have to overcome Team Liquid, NAVI, and DRX. As a result of the team’s dominant performance in 2023 and their victory in the Valorant Champions event just over a year ago, the spectators at the competition had very high hopes for the squad.

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