Debate in the Overwatch 2 Community: The Controversy of Moira as a DPS Character

There isn’t a unanimous opinion in the Overwatch 2 community on whether or not players who utilize Moira as a DPS character are “garbage.” Moira is a reliable Support option because she can successfully heal team members and damage opponents. Sometimes players opt to deal damage with Moira instead of healing their teammates.

The choice to no longer restore health has sparked debate, with some arguing that Moira needs to strike a better balance between providing support and dealing harm. Since the release of Overwatch 2, various reworks have brought about significant changes to Moira’s kit. Moira’s role in the game remains controversial, even after a few balance changes, with some Overwatch players debating whether she should be a damage dealer or a healer.

Moira’s damage per second (DPS) is a topic of discussion among Overwatch 2 players

A person on Reddit shared their hot opinion regarding the DPS Moira character in the Overwatch 2 subreddit. “If the Moira on your team is only doing dps and not healing, they are a garbage player,” the post’s creator stated. “A talented Moira player will have a well-rounded SUPPORT playstyle, in which they will pump out heals while also assisting their team in eliminating their opponents.”

Moira, according to the Overwatch 2 player, should be played with an “aggressive support” approach, even though she is “very squishy” and “will die from getting farted on.” One user commented, “I think of Moira as a ‘raw power’ character. They don’t have utility, nor cc, nothing like that,” They simply deal a lot of damage while also performing a lot of healing, which is perfectly acceptable. It’s a colorful design, but owing to the lack of practicality, it doesn’t always cut it at higher ranks.”

Another player observed, “Moira can be a real pain if she is played well.” “Additional healing, as well as the ability to apply pressure on enemies with her DPS? Performing exactly as designed.” The Overwatch 2 development team rejected Moira’s recent makeover but has opted to save the idea for a future support hero. Learn the thought process of making their choice by reading our article.

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