League of Legends Pro Heng Battles Illness During Critical Match Against Weibo Gaming for Playoff Positioning in LPL

Team WE’s Heng requested a timeout during their match against Weibo Gaming because he felt so ill. This match was critical to both teams’ playoff positioning. Despite this, he remained on stage and excelled in games 2 and 3. The LPL is the most competitive in earning a berth in the Playoffs compared to other League of Legends professional leagues in significant geographic areas. Seven teams will not be selected out of the 17 vying for the ten available places.

Team WE, on the other hand, finished 2022 in last place. WE have been doomed to mediocrity since 2017, with the exception of a brief period of prosperity at the end of 2021. Although WE stand for “World Elite,” their League of Legends team hasn’t exactly been that for the past ten years.

However, Team WE put together a squad of influential players, including Hope (previously of JDG) and Iwandy, who achieved rank one on Korean servers in 2022 while sitting on LNG’s bench. Unfortunately, calamity struck when WE jungler Yang ‘Heng’ Cui-Heng became so ill on stage that game 1 had to be stopped. This game was essential to their prospects of making the Playoffs.

Due to illness, Team WE jungler Heng requests a game interruption.

Heng is now in the LPL’s rookie split amidst veteran players. He was a member of the now-defunct Young Miracles squad in the League of Legends Development League (LDL), which for a considerable amount of time was an independent esports organization among the 24-team development league and was renowned for developing some of China’s top players. Standing out was challenging, and this was Heng’s great opportunity.

In spite of this, his new side finished 2022 without a single-set victory. He had a lot to prove with a team that was in freefall, and because they were 7-7 coming into their match versus Weibo Gaming, he was successful. Unfortunately, due to illness, he appeared unsteady in game one and called a stop early on when Shanks, his mid-laner, fell far behind due to a technical error. Although puzzled spectators and the opposing jungler Karsa laughed when the pause was called, Heng had a severe illness.

Heng was ill enough that he required time to collect himself and attempt to refocus while playing, which was confirmed by both Chinese fans and the English LPL broadcast. He looked rough, as fans could see clearly on the player cams. Their top laner, Biubiu, also didn’t appear to be feeling well. Heng made a comeback for game 2 wearing a fever patch to try and lessen the effects of his illness so he could continue performing, but he was shivering and trembling in his seat.

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