League of Legends Anti-Cheat and Source Code Attacked – Riot Won’t Pay

Riot Games recently disclosed that a hacker had broken into their networks and taken the League of Legends source code. Additionally, the evil person escaped with the source code for Teamfight Tactics and information about Riot’s anti-cheat systems. This is a very worrying development because it leaves room for brand-new cheats to appear in both games and possibly in the Riot game library, including VALORANT.

While Riot quickly pointed out that no player information had been taken or exposed as a result of the attack, its internal systems were severely damaged. The gaming sector has recently experienced numerous cyberattacks that resulted in significant data exposure. Grand Theft Auto 6 was recently made public to a considerable extent following the theft of more than 100 GB of data from Rockstar Games and its internet distribution.

A Social Engineering Attack Compromised Riot Games Servers

Riot Games has generally maintained transparency throughout the problem, telling gamers precisely what they’re going through right now. According to reports, additional elements from Riot Games’ catalog of games, including unpublished, experimental ones, were stolen in addition to the League of Legends source code and specific anti-cheat software. Strangely, things worsened when Riot Games received a ransom email that money be delivered to the hacker.

On the other hand, Riot Games was unwavering in its determination to comply completely with such demands. The statement from Riot Games clarifying the current state of affairs is as follows:

To determine the full scope and depth of the harm done, both now and in the future, Riot Games has employed advisors and enlisted the help of legal teams. Riot Games is equipped to handle the challenges ahead, even if there will probably be several overhauls and some planned content may be dropped. Although improvements in the security of the League of Legends and TFT platforms have been made, much work still needs to be done.

Burning Leaks Upon Burning Leaks

Although some gaming industry segments thrive on leaks, others can have disastrous effects on developers. A studio’s highly sensitive, crucial information and content are taken out without prior notice in situations like these, as opposed to the simple leak of a release date or an image.

Maps and game modes from Call of Duty: Warzone, skins from Fortnite, and the full source code of Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games have all been stolen and leaked in the past year. The problem is unlikely to get any better soon as the world becomes more digital and hackers become more skilled.

Do technology companies and developers need to step up their efforts to strengthen their defenses against prospective hackers?

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