LCS Broadcast Delayed by Technical Difficulties: Teams Compete Remotely

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) broadcast was put behind schedule by one hour on February 3, 2023. Players were required to compete remotely since player comms on stage were malfunctioning. When putting on a live broadcast, you will inevitably face technological difficulties at some point. The LCS is familiar with problems and delays caused by technology, even though 2023 has started quite well.

It is challenging to forget instances like the hours-long delays during the playoffs match between EG and TSM in the Summer of 2022. Delays can damage the players’ patience and the viewers’ interest in watching the match.

Due to technical difficulties with the on-stage communications between players, the LCS broadcast had to be delayed by one hour on Friday, February 3. The players have been instructed to play the game remotely to avoid potential technical troubles.

Because of the delay, players will have to compete remotely

After several years of playing from a remote location, the return of the fans to the studio has unquestionably altered the broadcast. Outside of large-scale international competitions, League of Legends has just resumed its tour schedule thanks to the return of significant events and in-person stadiums.

However, due to technical challenges in the studio, the games scheduled for February 3 will need the teams to compete from a remote location. Fans who attended the game in person have been offered refunds, but the start time of the broadcast has been pushed back by an entire hour. This is so that the players can get ready.

It was discovered by Riot’s broadcast crew that there were problems while they were setting up player PCs, but those problems could not be addressed in time for the games that were scheduled to begin. Because of this, there have been severe delays in the broadcast.

Tweets from people there in person had reported that the teams that were supposed to play didn’t even enter the arena and that they were sent home when the on-site broadcast team realized that the problems wouldn’t be fixed promptly. This information comes from people who tweeted while attending the event in person.

An excessive number of persons were not present in person

Massive technical problems and delays of this kind, coupled with an already different schedule, can be confusing for those trying to get used to the new game days. Even though LCS viewership hasn’t dropped all that much since the controversial scheduling changes were implemented, the viewership hasn’t dropped all that much either.

As this article is being written, matches have begun, and, except for the initial holdup, they have remained intact by any technical problems thus far.

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