Apex Legends Prioritizes Fight Against Cheaters to Reduce Toxicity

EA’s Apex Legends has “prioritized” efforts to fight cheaters and reduce toxicity in the popular battle royale game. The developers have announced “very exciting” changes to improve the anti-cheat system and address player complaints about unfair competition. In the past, Respawn has implemented ban waves to address cheating, but the issue remains a top concern for the community.

EA’s Chief Experience Officer, Chris Bruzzo, says that addressing cheaters is key to reducing toxicity in games, as players become angry and upset when they feel the environment is unfair. Like many other online games, Apex Legends has experienced issues with cheaters and hackers spoiling battle royale battles.

Apex Legends Cheater Compilations

Respawn has consistently taken steps to address these issues, such as deploying significant ban waves to eliminate some notorious cheaters. However, players have consistently urged the developers to move forward with a better anti-cheat system.

Respawn has taken note of the feedback, and the developers have promised “extremely exciting” adjustments in the works as they focus on combating cheaters in the well-liked battle royale.

Apex Legends is Attempting to Ban More Cheaters

During a recent interview with IGN Africa just before the new year, Chris Bruzzo, EA’s chief experience officer, touched on it. He noted that the Apex team is combating toxicity in a number of ways, with banning cheaters at the top of the list.

“We discover that when games are glitchy or have cheats, so when there’s no good anti-cheat or when the anti-cheat is lagging, especially in competitive games, one of the core reasons of a significant amount of toxicity is when players feel like the environment is unfair. that they are unable to compete fairly. And the result is that it enrages them,” Bruzzo remarked.

“Because all of a sudden you realize that other players are breaching the rules, and the game is not accounting for this behavior. But you devoted a lot of your time and effort to this game because you enjoy it. It really upsets me. As a result, one of the best methods for us to lessen toxicity in games is to provide attention to cheaters.”

As previously said, the Apex community has long called for improvements to anti-cheat, and it appears that things may pick up steam in 2023.

Although it might not progress to the degree that everyone desires, the fact that Respawn and EA are considering modifications nonetheless constitutes progress.

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