Dr. Disrespect Praises Bungie’s Marathon: A Potential Game-Changer for the FPS Multiplayer Genre

The new and improved version of Bungie’s famous Marathon game shown off during the PlayStation Showcase left Dr. Disrespect with a favorable impression. Everyone was taken aback when Bungie announced that Marathon would be their next major game. Marathon is a sci-fi, player-versus-player extraction shooter, and it is being compared to Doc’s future Deaddrop title. Which will be developed by his studio Midnight Society.

After taking in all of the games that were demonstrated at the event and the teaser trailer for Marathon, Doc went to the video game’s official website to learn a little more about the game. The ever-confident two-time was even slightly startled that Marathon apparel was already available, which he labeled “cocky.” Still, he conceded that he enjoyed the studio’s trust in the game. He dubbed it a “cocky” move.

The video game industry, according to Dr. Disrespect, “needs” more games like Marathon

Doc couldn’t help but express his satisfaction when a fan pointed out that the game will strongly emphasize multiplayer, which was verified in an interview with the developers.

 “Good. He stated that we require massively multiplayer online gaming. Something that meets the criteria for Triple-A. While Dr. Disrespect routinely criticizes first-person shooter multiplayer games like Call of Duty Warzone. He has argued for quite some time that there should be additional options in the first-person shooter multiplayer area.

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It would appear that the two-time champion is unfazed by PlayStation’s most recent offerings, which raises the question of whether or not Doc was frightened by them. When asked if the gaming industry was “saved,” Dr. Disrespect provided an interesting response with his thoughts on the matter.

“I believe that there are a few windows of opportunity. “I believe there are some significant opportunities,” the Twitch streamer who had been banned said. Because Doc is getting ready to release his game that will go up against the other blockbuster games on the market, we will have to wait and see what the future has in store for us. Even while he respects Marathon, he does not appear concerned about the possibility that it may compete with Dead drop.

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