Beware of False Hype: Disproving the Latest GTA 6 Leak Rumors

The internet has been flooded with supposedly new ‘leaks’ of Grand Theft Auto 6. It would be best if you didn’t get too excited about them because they’re pretty easy to disprove.  Even though Rockstar Games has yet to set a release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 officially, it has yet to prevent fans from becoming enthusiastic about the upcoming entry in the series of incredibly successful video games.

This enthusiasm was only fueled in September when, seemingly out of nowhere, about seventy videos containing gameplay tests for Grand Theft Auto 6 were uploaded to the internet. Although Rockstar and their publishers, Take-Two, acknowledged that the leaks impacted the development team, they stated that they would not change their plans for the game’s release. As a result of the widespread use of the DMCA’s takedown provisions, the majority of these videos have been removed from the internet. On the other hand, they have resulted in a slew of new ‘leaks,’ which have piqued the interest of gamers.

New rumors have been circulating about GTA 6, but they are not leaks

A number of these alleged “leaks” are currently making the rounds on the internet, and the majority of them assert that they feature brand-new content for the video game. On the other hand, they are not genuine at all.  One alleged “leak” depicts the female figure strolling down a busy street in a Downtown neighborhood. The language displayed on the screen is done in a Vice City manner; nevertheless, the legitimacy of the whole affair is questioned if you look more closely at one of the buses parked to her right. 

The sign on the bus indicates that it is headed to the San Francisco Financial District, which, for starters, is a real place, and so wouldn’t be in GTA, and, for starters, is almost 3,000 miles away from Florida on a whole other coast. 

Another animation test is very standard and has been combined with the previous one to form the same clip. Except for the box in the top right corner, the text currently being displayed on-screen is consistent with the previously disclosed information. This information was not found in the real leaks; instead, it was added there to sound plausible. 

As the commenter MrBossFTW on YouTube points out, these more recent clips are thoughts that players have concocted based on the leaks we have previously seen.  Even though the excitement around GTA 6 has reached a fever pitch, each of these rumors contains a teeny-tiny flaw that proves them to be false; all you need to do is keep an eye out for it and resist falling for it. 

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