Harassment Leads Fortnite Pro “Cented” to Quit Esports Scene

Canadian Fortnite pro Evan “Cented” Barron, who left FaZe Clan after using a racial slur in a live stream, has declared he is quitting the esport due to “targeted and target harassment.” On January 3, Cented announced his departure from Fortnite in a Twitlonger. The 21-year-old gamer claimed that after using a racial slur in a live stream that caused him to leave FaZe Clan, he experienced “ongoing and continuous abuse.”

Cented provided details of the efforts he took to make up with the community for his transgression, including giving to charities and Black Lives Matter, participating in sensitivity training, and beginning treatment. “I lost everything, including my reputation, my work, and a charity I loved”, said Cented. It was what I deserved and expected.

He said that he had not expected to be welcomed back into the community so soon, but he had also not anticipated that the harassment and personal attacks from some community leaders and the pro scene would continue for so long after the July 2022 incident.

The former Fortnite pro claimed that individuals like Logan ‘Bucke’ Eschenburg, Avivv, and Donnie, as well as their supporters, have made it practically their personal mission to bully, harass, and sabotage any potential for me to find redemption.

Cented Leaves the Fortnite eSports Scene

Other streamers allegedly sent conversations to Cented’s stream to “hate raid” him and targeted him in professional Fortnite matches “for clout,” according to Cented. The teenage player believes the harassment led to self-harm, weight loss, and anxiety-related fear of going on his computer.

“I can’t post anything without receiving abuse. It’s now simply a nightmare, and any fun I ever experienced playing Fortnite or being a Cented is gone,” he stated.

Many of the player’s fellow professionals have expressed their appreciation for him upon his retirement, while others have continued to criticize him for his prior deeds and claim that he hasn’t given himself enough credit for them.

Prior to his retirement, Cented was a rising star in Fortnite, finishing second in the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals five times between 2020 and 2022.

Despite taking steps to remedy his actions, including sensitivity training and therapy, Cented faced continued harassment from fellow players and streamers. He claims the harassment caused him to self-harm, lose weight, and fear turning on his computer.

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