Fnatic’s Boaster Challenges LOUD’s Saadhak to IGL Battle in VCT LOCK/IN Grand Final

Fnatic has shown no signs of slowing down as they advanced to the Grand Final of the VCT LOCK/IN by cruising to a 3-0 victory over NAVI. Jake “Boaster” Howlett expressed his desire to compete against LOUD’s Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro in an IGL match at the post-match news conference after their victory.

In their run to the VCT LOCK/IN Grand Final, Fnatic has not lost a single map, and they are in an excellent position to bring the organization’s first international trophy home in Valorant. After defeating NAVI 3-0 in the semifinals, the squad’s IGL faced questions about which talents he planned to test against LOUD, their hometown team. It sounded like he had some nice things to say about Saadhak.

In the VCT LOCK/IN Grand Final, Fnatic will compete against LOUD

Boaster expressed his desire to “out IGL Saadhak” by stating, “I think skill-wise, I want to.” He stated, “I aim to engage in a psychological battle with their chess game skills in Valorant.” Since 2022, Saadhak has served as the IGL for LOUD, yet despite attending the same international events in 2022 and 2021, the two IGLs have never met one another.

The Fnatic IGL also had a prediction for the day of the match, saying that he anticipates a large number of spectators to show out as LOUD battles for a trophy on home turf. Also, he said that he expects a large number of supporters to show up. You should be prepared for a boisterous crowd. For each murder that LOUD obtains, I would suppose that a loud mob awaits LOUD.

Boaster also stated that the team is feeling confident heading into the battle and that they hope to bring the same intensity that they got to each of their previous matches to the stage. Fnatic has won every series they have competed in thus far, going undefeated throughout three best-of-three matches and one best-of-five battle. They have yet to lose a single game.

Finally, on March 4, at 12 p.m Eastern Standard Time, the final match of the VCT LOCK/IN event is scheduled to begin. Also, the victor will take home the lion’s share of the prize fund, worth $240,000, an international VCT trophy, and an additional spot for their region at the VCT Masters Tokyo.

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