NICKMERCS Strikes Back at Criticism Who Say He Doesn’t Belong in Apex Legends Pro Scene

In response to criticism that he “doesn’t belong” in the Apex Legends professional environment and comparisons to teams like TSM, Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has struck back. While many esports franchises have adopted a structured model, the competitive landscape of Apex Legends allows a trio of upstarts to theoretically compete against the world’s best players.

NICKMERCS began participating in challenger events after achieving Apex Predator status a few seasons ago in an effort to gain a place among the elite players. His Tripods squad finally succeeded after a few failed attempts, and they are now participating in the North American ALGS play. The FaZe Clan star has come under fire from certain players and fans for not having the talent to compete at the highest level because he is a prolific live stream and occasionally switches to playing other games. He isn’t particularly bothered by those thoughts, though.

NICKMERCS responds to those who say he ought to “leave” the Apex Legends professional league

During a recent live, a fan pushed Nick to “leave” playing Apex since he is “not built” for the competitive level, bringing up the subject because of this. That could not continue. “You’re telling a man who has won three to four professional tournaments that he doesn’t belong. I understand that I may not be the best; okay, fine, but what? If you genuinely believe it, you have got to be completely insane, Nick responded.

I am aware that I am less skilled than many Pro League players, but I have already stated that talent is not the main factor in success. I make up for my ability deficiencies in many other ways. Work ethic, vigor, communication, strategy, positioning, and decisions—okay, so far, so good. “There is no doubt or ambiguity about why I work 12-hour days on Apex; I’m trying to improve. I know that the necessary competence is lacking, and we are constantly working to improve it; that is what you do. Yet, acting as though I am aware that I do not belong is absolutely absurd. You’re insane.

The Twitch celebrity claimed that since teams like TSM and NRG have been competing for years now, comparisons between himself and them are unfair. In addition to the fact that many professionals have also lauded his abilities, the fact that he entered the Pro League and has been competitive is enough to dispel many of the concerns.

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