FlyQuest Benches Eyla in Favor of Winsome for Crucial LCS Spring Matches

Just hours before FlyQuest’s lower bracket championship match versus Golden Guardians, they chose to bench Elya and start Winsome. FlyQuest believes Winsome has the best chance of winning because of his tremendous success throughout the first half of the split. There was a lot of excitement when Bill ‘Eyla’ Nguyen was added to FlyQuest’s roster. Their bot lane combination, which included Sean “Yeon” Sung, was the best in the Academy for many years.

Due to VISA complications, Eyla was unable to start for FlyQuest during the first part of LCS Spring. As a result, Kim ‘Winsome’ Dong-keon stepped up and established himself as the team’s starting support player. He far exceeded the standards set for him as a stand-in. Even though Eyla has now spent a few weeks with the club, FlyQuest has chosen to start Winsome in place of her for the crucial matches of the Spring Split.

In the last games of FlyQuest, Winsome took Eyla’s place

In order to be competitive in the LCS in 2023, FlyQuest made significant investments in that team. Together with Mingyi “Spica” Lu, the 2021 Summer MVP, and Jeong “Impact” Eon-young, one of the longest-tenured top laners in North America, Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan and Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang were able to acquire some of the most promising players from South Korea.

These four have shown to be a good fit, but with Eyla’s arrival, there has been disagreement among fans about who should serve as these rosters’ starting support. With Winsome, FlyQuest had a nearly flawless record. However, Eyla’s performance has been less outstanding. Was Eyla to blame for this? Was it merely that other LCS teams discovered winning tactics to defeat the remaining FlyQuest teams as the split progressed? Although it’s challenging to be specific, the team has decided Winsome will be their support going into the championship game.

It was explained in this roster update that Winsome had improved upon the skill set that FlyQuest was already using when he stepped up to the starting position at the start of the split, making him an even more excellent match for the team now than he was before. What this implies for their Summer roster and whether Eyla will return to that starting position for the upcoming split, or perhaps for MSI if they successfully defeat Golden Guardians, is yet to be discovered.

In either case, Winsome has a lot on the line. We might see a lot more of this supporting player in the LCS, depending on how well he performs. Given that his stint with Cloud9 abruptly came to an end in 2022, he has made a remarkable recovery as a player and established himself as one of the top supports in the area.

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