xQc berates OnlyFans Consumers in Heated Rant

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has sparked controversy with a recent rant against OnlyFans consumers. In a heated outburst on his stream, xQc criticized the famous adult entertainment platform, claiming that its consumers are hindering mankind.

What xQc sai

xQc’s rant against OnlyFans consumers was fueled by his belief that the platform is detrimental to society. He criticized those who spend money on OnlyFans, calling them “stupid” and accusing them of wasting their time and money.

OnlyFans is such a fcking scam,” xQc said during the rant. “It’s a scam that actually works. It’s the perfect scam because it’s not illegal. You’re basically just paying for someone to give you attention.” xQc went on to claim that OnlyFans consumers are hindering mankind, saying that they are wasting their potential and contributing to the decline of society. “Why are people so dumb? Why do they waste their time and money on this sht?” xQc asked. “It’s hindering mankind, holding us back, making us worse as a society.”

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Controversy and backlash

xQc’s rant has sparked controversy and backlash from both fans and critics. Many have criticized him for shaming those who use OnlyFans and making sweeping generalizations about the platform and its users.
Some have also pointed out that xQc’s comments are hypocritical. He has previously made jokes about OnlyFans on his stream and has even promoted his merchandise with the slogan “Subscribe to xQcOW for more exclusive content.”
Despite the backlash, xQc has stood by his comments and defended his right to express his opinion.
I’m allowed to have an opinion,” he in response to the controversy. “Just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not valid.”
xQc’s recent rant against OnlyFans consumers has caused controversy and backlash. His comment recieves criticism for shaming and generalizing the platform and its users.

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