From Call of Duty to Apex Legends: Scump’s Journey into Battle Royale Dominance

During his retirement, Seth “Scump” Abner has been putting in a lot of hours playing Apex Legends, and some professionals in the ALGS believe that he is holding his own in the game’s battle royale mode. Scump, who formerly competed in Call of Duty esports but has now transitioned into broadcasting, has begun playing Apex Legends lately. The OpTic gaming content producer has confessed his enthusiasm for the game that EA and Respawn developed, and he has said that he aspires to reach the highest possible level, Predator, inside the game.

The Apex Legends community has noted his efforts and appreciates them. Players of the highest caliber, such as Christopher “sweet dreams” Sexton of NRG esports and Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen of TSM, have offered their thoughts on Scumps’s new foray into the game. Sweet dreams said, “I was watching Scump play, and he is a complete and utter demon.” If you were good mechanically on the controller, you’re going to move to Apex, and you’re going to find a lot of success. According to Sweetdreams, the Call of Duty legend’s most significant deficiency is a lack of game knowledge, which should be improved upon as he continues to play the game.

Sweetdreams and ImperialHal provide their thoughts on Scumps’ abilities in Apex Legends

Imperial was less satisfied with Scumps’ gaming, claiming that the footage he publishes is of him playing with two other party members and dominating public lobbies. Imperial could have been more impressed with Scumps’ performance. According to the TSM superstar, Apex Legends is a far more challenging game than Call of Duty. ImperialHal also said that some Call of Duty League professionals could start playing competitive Apex Legends.

However, Sweetdreams does not believe that Scump will return to competitive esports shortly. “Guys, you live in a fantasy world if you believe that Scump would ever consider participating in a competitive setting. He is just playing for enjoyment and pleasure at this point. The NRG player remarked, “My man has put his time into the competition; now all he needs to do is replicate what Michael’shroud’ Grzesiek did.”

So far, Scump has only shown an interest in playing ranked Apex Legends for entertainment. However, the former Call of Duty pro is free to compete in content creation tournaments and Alex Legends competitions with lower stakes since nothing is preventing him from doing so.

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