Faker Adds Yone to His Dominant Champion Pool in LCK 2023 Spring Split

The most outstanding player in the history of League of Legends, Faker, has added yet another unique champion to the extensive list of picks he has made for the LCK.

Faker is still one of the most formidable mid-laners in the LCK and worldwide, even though he has played League of Legends professionally for almost ten years. The Korean mid-laner selected Yone from his champion ocean pool during the most recent LCK 2023 Spring Split, making it his 73rd champion picked in the league overall.

The encounter could have been more pleasant for both him and his new champion. In a surprising turn of events, Hanwha Life Esports won their second split match by defeating T1 in a reverse sweep and scoring 2-1. T1, on the other hand, dropped their first series of the split, meaning that they will not be able to repeat their flawlessly divided from the 2022 LCK season from the previous year.

Faker’s Most Succesful Champion List

Faker has racked up one of the best victory rates a player can have throughout his professional career. Since the beginning of season 5, Faker has amassed 666 victories and 321 defeats, giving him a victory record of 67.5%, as reported by a source.

He boasts an impressive 4.3 average KDA and averages a positive CS, gold, and XP difference at 15 minutes. Only 8.5% of his opponents fall victim to first blood by his hand.

Azir and Ryze are his most-played champions, having been used in 120 and 67 matches, respectively. After them in the standings are Orianna, Leblanc, and Galio, who are presently in positions 54, 53, and 50, respectively. Because Leblanc will almost certainly receive improvements in the next patch, 13.3, her use could see an increase as a result.

In professional play, most of the champions in Faker’s mid-lane pool are control mages, who also dominate the top 10 list of most-played winners. In addition to them, we have Corki, Viktor, Lissandra, Ahri, and Zoe working behind Galio.

It makes no difference if he is now in the first place; as long as the team is successful and he is the head of it, you can rest assured that people will remember him.

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