Death Threats and Harassment: Apex Legends Pioneers Captain Speaks Out on TSM Rivalry

The Apex Legends Pioneers’ pro player Casper “Gnaske” Praestensgaard said that TSM supporters had sent “death threats” in response to his team’s choice of where to land on Storm Point.

When playing matches in the ALGS, Apex Legends pro teams frequently pick a point of interest (POI) for each map that they will always land at. This gives them the chance to learn everything there is to know about the area, giving them the best chance to take the most precious loot and win.

TSM and Pioneers chose The Wall as their assigned position on Storm Point. On the island, this was the situation. In spite of this, Pioneers repeatedly lost to ImperialHal, Reps, and Verhulst before being forced to admit defeat and swap sides.

The Pioneers’ captain, Gnaske, announced on January 11 through Twitter that the group will no longer be defending their Point of Interest against TSM. The pro acknowledged that TSM is “just too strong” to knock down at the outset of a match, calling them “(arguably) the strongest team in the world.”

Clash Between TSM and Pioneers: Captain Gnaske speaks out on Harassment

The Pioneers captain did admit that the “harassment” and “death threats” from TSM fans did not make the decision any easier while delivering the news.

Given the scale of the organization and its fervent following, they “figured it would happen,” but it’s obvious that Gnaske didn’t appreciate the criticism that came with contesting a landing location.

Despite this, Gnaske has stated that their decision to leave The Wall is not because to the vitriol of TSM supporters and that “if anything [he] would love to continue contesting to make [them] mad.”

In response to Gnaske’s post, TSM pro Reps apologized for any hate that had been sent at him and said that he would he could “promise there would never be any hate, but we can’t manage the mass idiots.”

Reps stated that he has “always appreciated [them] and none of [them] deserve to get any animosity for landing in the same location you’ve been forever” despite the competition between the two groups.

Both teams will face off against one another once more on February 2 in London during the ALGS Year 3 Split 1 playoffs. It will be interesting to observe whether the Pioneers’ new tactics and landing location help or hurt them in the upcoming tournament.

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