Brazilian Fans Leave VCT LOCK/IN Stadium Following LOUD’s Home Team Victory

Fans from Brazil traveled to Sao Paulo to watch LOUD’s match in the VCT LOCK/IN competition versus NRG Esports. When the host team completed their series, there was a noticeable decrease in the number of spectators present for the next match of the day.

Many people attended the match between LOUD and NRG Esports that took place at VCT LOCK/IN. Riot Games’ social media platforms brought to the attention of viewers at home the frenetic activity and deafening roar of the crowd. Nevertheless, once the first series was through, the venue, which had been filled with supporters, was left with only a scattering of people in the rafters for the second game of the day.

Talon Esports competed against DRX in the second match of the series. Although both of the VCT Pacific teams have a substantial fan following, particularly DRX, because the South Korean club has a lengthy history in Valorant, it appears that only a few fans traveled to Brazil to watch them compete.

After LOUD’s victory, the VCT LOCK/IN crowd disperses

The home crowd for LOUD filled practically every seat in the auditorium, and they were so loud that one attendee’s Apple Watch warned them that the noise could cause them to endure hearing loss. However, after the series, it appeared that the fans had moved outside of the arena to bid their final goodbyes to NRG and to get a last look at the Noisy players.

The NRG core and the Brazilian squad have a rivalry with one another due to their many clashes at international events in 2022, which led to the LOUD match having some history behind it as well.

The two teams, DRX and Talon, have a limited amount of prior experience playing against one another, so the narratives leading up to the match focused primarily on their accomplishments and the fact that both teams will be competing in the same worldwide Valorant competition later in 2023. When LOUD continues their run in the VCT LOCK/IN, beginning on March 2 in the playoff stage, they will likely entice spectators to return to the venue.

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