Star Wars Celebration in London: What Can Be Expected from the Big Panels?

“Star Wars Celebration in London, ” promises many thrilling panels! From exclusive previews to Q&A sessions with stars, here’s what to look forward to.”

Star Wars Celebration(r) London Big Panels, Special Previews, and Exclusive Q&A Sessions

London is set to host the beloved Star Wars Celebration, the world-renowned event dedicated to this dear sci-fi universe. Fans worldwide eagerly await an event that promises exciting announcements, exclusive glimpses, and lively panels with creators and stars. Be a part of history by joining us!

Here is what to expect from the significant sessions during Star Wars Celebration in London:

Celebrate 20 Years with a Panel Discussion!

Star Wars fans can come together to honor the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace – the first film in a prequel trilogy that explored the Star Wars universe’s past. At an exclusive celebration featuring special guests and behind-the-scenes info about its production, guests will surely experience something truly memorable as we honor this Legacy.

Episode IX Panel

One of the most eagerly anticipated panels at Comic-Con International is Episode IX, the concluding installment in the trilogy that began with The Force Awakens. Director J.J Abrams and stars are expecting to attend, providing fans with new footage, concept artwork, and plot hints.

At Disney+’s Mandalorian Panel, more details about the story’s concept, cast, characters, and location will unveil alongside exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Creator Jon Favreau and specific cast members are expected to attend; more information to come!

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The Clone Wars Panel

After its fifth season, viewers were devastated when it was canceled. However, fans can look forward to an unexpected seventh season that will only be available on Disney+. At this panel event, attendees can get exclusive previews of the upcoming season and chat with voice actors and creators about their work on the show.

Galaxy’s Edge Panel

Galaxy’s Edge is a brand-new Star Wars theme park set to open this year at Disneyland and Disney World. At this panel, guests will learn more about what can be expected when visiting these immersive experiences, from rides and products to food and interactivity elements. Furthermore, panelists will discuss world-building and storytelling elements related to Star Wars canon as they pertain to reality within this universe.

Other Panels

In addition to these monumental panels, numerous others devote to various aspects of The Star Wars universe. Notable among them:

Experience the Mysteries of Jedi with authors Claudia Gray and Justina Ireland during an event that delves into the mythology and philosophy surrounding the Jedi Order.

Industrial Light & Magic’s ILMxLAB panel presents their cutting-edge techniques and technology for creating special effects for Star Wars.

Celebration Chicago Recap: A panel review of the highlights from this year’s Chicago event, held this past July.

Final Verdict Star Wars in London

Star Wars Celebration in London promises to be an incredible event for fans of the series. With expansive panels covering everything from Episode IX to the stunning Galaxy’s Edge landscape, there’s sure to be something everyone can get excited about. Mark your calendars for June 26-28th and join in on all the excitement!

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