Jackie “Love is Blind,” responds to the Marshall breakup drama

Love is Blind, reality show couple Jackie and Carlton’s relationship drama continues as Jackie denies rumors of an intimate relationship with a female producer. This article covers their story and the latest update from Jackie’s Instagram account.

Love is Blind is a Netflix reality show about dating that allows viewers to join one of many “pods” without ever meeting until they decide to tie the knot. Once engaged, couples take time out of their busy schedules to get to know each other better before exchanging vows – some even take those vows together!

Love Is Blind Jackie & Marshall On Regrets Amid Their Break Up & Josh Romance

Suspicions of Intimate Relationship with Producer Arise on Instagram Live

One couple featured in the show was Jackie and Carlton. Though they had a relationship within the pods, things turned ugly when they finally met face-to-face. The Altar: Love Is Blind: After leaving The Altar, Carlton reveals his sexuality which causes an argument with Jackie and ultimately leads them to part ways.

Amidst all this, there were suspicions Jackie and the producer had an intimate relationship. Given Jackie has a female partner, there was talk on Instagram Live of Carlton receiving a telephone message from the producer to confirm their connection.

Jackie Describes Experience as “Extremely Challenging”

Jackie later posted an update on her Instagram account, refuting the reports of a relationship. She wrote: “I am aware of the rumors circulating that I am in a relationship with a female producer on the show. These rumors are untrue and unsubstantiated – they never occurred. Please stop spreading falsehoods and let me be completely alone.”

Jackie described the experience as “extremely challenging” but remains determined to overcome it. Carlton expressed his disinterest in being involved with any dramas and wished Jackie the best of luck.

Though the cause of these rumors is yet to be determined, they could have come from viewers searching for something interesting to discuss. Whatever it was, Jackie and Carlton’s relationship on the show has ended, and now they are embarking on their next chapter in life.

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