Warzone 2 Ranked Play: Los Angeles Guerrillas Share Strategies to Excel and Increase SR Placement

TikTok, a member of the Los Angeles Guerrillas, provided a few easy strategies and pointers that players can use to advance further in Warzone 2 Ranked Play battles. Competitors in the Warzone 2 Ranked Play mode acquire Skill Rating and move up through the mode’s seven divisions due to their kill counts and overall placements. On May 24, Treyarch implemented changes to the SR system to award players more for outstanding results.

According to the development team, the modification will make placement “feel more rewarding.” The competitive mode of the battle royale sequel match makes players based on their skill level, which means that it is only sometimes a stroll in the park to advance to the later stages of a given game. In light of this, the Los Angeles Guerrillas have compiled a helpful guide for achieving higher SR placement points.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Last Longer in Warzone 2’s Competitive Play

The Los Angeles Guerrillas have divulged their method for progressing further in Warzone 2 Ranked Play competitions. The first advice that the TikToker gave was to avoid squandering time by stealing money. Players ought to experiment with the recon run approach instead. This comprises grabbing a weapon as soon as you can and popping a UAV that can be purchased at a buy station as soon as you can after that.

While foes are still collecting stuff, gamers can ambush them while they are unprepared and score easy kills. When there are 21 or more squads left at the commencement of a match, users get 5 SER for each elimination in addition to 2 SR for eliminating any squadmate.


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Next, the LA Guerrillas instructed players to quickly acquire their perks using the loadout drop or the buy station, whichever was available. If players choose to utilize the buy station option, Ranger provides the ability to double their time, and Insurgent hides them from the mini-map. The primary objective of the LA Guerrillas’ guide is to achieve a high body count as quickly as possible before shifting attention to the treasure collection. In Warzone 2, gaining SR can be challenging, particularly in the higher divisions of the game mode. I hope you and your teammates will find these recommendations helpful in moving up the ranks.

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