Unlocking the Pet Wolf Cosmeticsin Diablo 4 Beta: A Guide to Acquiring Cosmetic Rewards

The cosmetic wolf pet that can be claimed by players that participate in the open beta of Diablo 4 is described here, along with the steps that must be taken in order to acquire this adorable canine companion. The open beta for Diablo will soon begin accepting players, allowing them to explore all of the additional material that has been added to the game. The Diablo 4 open beta not only gives players a chance to try out a variety of classes and come up with their lethal builds, but it also comes bundled with a number of one-of-a-kind gifts.

The charming pet wolf cosmetic, which gives players their canine companion, is one example of these items. This adorable cosmetic item may be equipped for your character, and once it is, it will accompany you everywhere you go in the game. Hence, if you are interested in unlocking the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item in Diablo 4 and other open beta awards, then our guide contains all of the information you require.

How to acquire the wolf companion in the beta version of Diablo 4

Reaching level 20 on a single character is necessary to obtain the cosmetic pet wolf available in the Diablo 4 beta. This can be accomplished by merely playing the game, which is a task that, for those interested in dungeon exploration, should take little time to complete.

If that wasn’t thrilling enough for you, two more awards might be unlocked for players that play through the open beta and early access weekend. These titles are known as the Early Voyager and First Casualty. You will be able to gain access to both of them if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Earning the First Casualty Title requires making it to Kyovashad with just one character.
  • Earning the Early Voyager title requires reaching level 20 on one of your characters.

It is essential to consider that there are two distinct access windows for the Diablo 4 beta. Early access will be available from March 17-19, while the whole open beta will be available from March 24-26. These dates are in March. This indicates that you will have a few days to unlock the pet wolf as well as other goodies within the game.

In conclusion, all the information you require to acquire your very own pet wolf in Diablo 4 has been presented here for your perusal and utilization. Check our Diablo page for the most recent information and updates; you will want to take advantage of it!

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