Trainer’s Devastating Master Ball Mishap in Pokémon Go

One player in Pokemon Go attempted to capture a Galarian Articuno with their Master Ball, but the actual outcome was devastating for them. The Master Ball, which ensures a catch rate of one hundred percent, was finally released for use in Pokemon Go on May 22, 2023. Trainers must have finished the Let’s Go Special Research task involving Professor Willow to be eligible for rewards.

Players must log in to Pokemon Go and acquire the Master Ball before the Season of Rising Heroes concludes on June 1, 2023, at 10 AM local time to claim it. Thankfully, there is still time to do so; however, they will need to before the event finishes. Since the release of the Master Ball, some players of Pokemon Go have broken down in tears after realizing what their children have inadvertently caught for them. However, a single trainer was responsible for the Master Ball fiasco.

A player in Pokemon Go catches an unanticipated Pokemon using their Master Ball

A user named shadi1337 on Reddit uploaded a particularly deadly screenshot to the Pokemon Go forum. The original poster related the tragic experience of a gamer who accidentally caught a Pokemon with their Master Ball. The unfortunate trainer was hoping to see a Galarian Articuno, but he only ended up with a Zorua.

In the mobile game, Zorua will pretend to be a player’s Buddy Pokemon to gain the player’s trust. Since this was the case, the user decided to make Galarian Articuno their Buddy Pokemon. Once the trainer had Zorua, they tagged Niantic and requested another Master Ball. It needs to be made apparent if or not the corporation responded to the inquiry. “Oof. “When using the incense, you should never have your Galarian bird as a companion,” Lunaryjinx wrote.

Hammerzeit88 questioned, “Why in the world would you use your Master Ball on another of a G-bird when it is abundantly clear that you already have that one as your buddy?!?!?” “There ought to be a warning that appears whenever you try to use a Master Ball on a Ditto or Zorua, something along the lines of ‘Are you certain you want to use a Master Ball?'” It’s possible that this Pokemon is not what it seems to be,” AcroboticX speculated. Be careful to claim your Master Ball before June 1, 2023, when Rising Heroes will end. Afterward, Pokemon Go will begin its Hidden Gems season. 

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