Trainer Captures Shiny Shundo Mewtwo in Pokemon Go Shadow Raid

A Pokemon Go player was lucky to capture a Mewtwo during its Shadow Raid, but the trainer’s good luck did not end there. Shadow Mewtwo will briefly appear in Shadow Raids beginning on Saturday, May 27, 2023, at 10 AM local time and continuing until Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 8 PM local time. This event will run for a limited time only. Therefore, Pokemon Go users need to move quickly if they want to capture this Legendary Pokemon.

In the past, players were able to capture Shadow Mewtwo after claiming victory over the Boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni. Despite that, Mewtwo will debut in a Raid Battle for the first time, thanks to this event. One Pokemon Go trainer overcame all odds with their victory, which is particularly impressive given how complex the Shadow Mewtwo Raid can be. The player successfully acquired a Mewtwo that was extraordinary in many respects.

The Shadow Mewtwo caught by a player in Pokemon Go is ridiculous

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, the user Maglarius uploaded a screenshot of their incredible achievement and shared it with the community. The trainer successfully captured a Shiny Shundo Mewtwo, a combination of two almost impossible draws. In the mobile game, a Pokemon with an IV of 100 and a Shiny appearance is called a Shundo. The original poster (OP) stated in the comments area that they last captured a Shundo approximately two to three years ago. In the meantime, some players have never had the good fortune to acquire a Shundo, even though they have been playing since 2016.

“Behold. The pinnacle of Mewtwo’s evolution until the point where mega-evolutions occur. “All that is missing is the buddy bonus at this point,” remarked 10 British pounds. Users of Pokemon Go, who are also obsessed with the game. Attempted to compute the probabilities of such an incredible catch. “The odds are one in a thousand that it’s undoing. That number should be multiplied by dazzling odds. “I’m sorry, but I have no idea what the chances of a shiny are,” FBlagentwantslove said. “My math on a piece of napkin says about 1:60000 raids, not accounting for some being lower CP,” Rexsilex stated.

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