The Removal of Ivan Toney from FIFA 23 Sparks Outrage Among Fans

Fans of FIFA 23 are distraught with Electronic Arts because the player Ivan Toney, a striker for Brentford, was taken out of the game after the FA handed the sportsman an eight-month suspension for betting violations. Ivan Toney, a striker for Brentford who plays for England internationally, acknowledged 232 betting law violations on May 26. As a result, he was given an eight-month suspension from any football activity, which will end on January 16, 2024.

The Football Association asserts that the 27-year-old gambler picked against his team in 13 different wagers across seven other games. As a result of the suspension, Electronic Arts has now decided to act and has removed the Brentford star from FIFA 23. Players are outraged by this decision.

Fans of FIFA 23 are furious by the decision to remove Ivan Toney

Players instantly began lashing out at EA after Ivan Toney was removed from the video game in the most recent update to the team. They called the company “hypocrites” and “pathetic” for removing the Brentford striker from the competition. LukeDutchh, a content creator for FIFA, was just one of several people who expressed anger. In a tweet, he said that FIFA “literally promotes gambling to children.” “Everything about this situation is so pathetic it’s not funny.”

He said, “Not to mention that, to this very day, people continue to retain the assumption that treasure boxes are not gambling—the greatest hypocrites in the history of the world. One fan responded, “They run the largest gaming casino in the history of the world.” Another participant commented that playing on Ultimate Team was “literally gambling.” However, as some users have pointed out, the Football Association will probably make the decision rather than by EA themselves. This is because EA will likely have to follow suit because of how tightly the game is related.

They must abide by all of FIFA’s rules and regulations because the game is affiliated with the organization. They wrote, “really don’t think this is a decision made just by EA.” Players like Diego Maradona and Christian Atsu, who have passed away since FIFA 23 was released, are among those who have been taken out of the game and replaced. Toney is one of many players to be taken out of the game. Because the life cycle of FIFA 23 is nearly over, and the franchise is about to be relaunched as EA SPORTS FC, this season has undoubtedly been enjoyable.

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