The Shocking Disappearance of a Shiny Kirlia in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

One player’s heart bypass a beat after a Shiny fled as soon as they made contact with it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. There are various ways for players to fail Shiny encounters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but one player’s experience was particularly shocking.

Shiny Pokemon have made a comeback in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and because of updates to the game’s texture and lighting systems, Shinies appear better than they ever have. On the other hand, Shiny Pokemon are more likely to be unsuccessful due to the spawning dynamics and absence of visual and audible signifiers.

It only takes a second for a Shiny Pokemon to appear or disappear from the player’s render distance. They risk going over cliffs or exhausting themselves by running too far or too rapidly. And if players aren’t ready, certain Shinies will self-destruct, putting an end to their existence before they even have the chance to catch them.

However, a hunter about to come across a Shiny Kirlia was startled by the fact that the Pokemon vanished in front of their eyes.

The shimmering Pokemon dissipates just centimeters away from the trainer

Friedall, a member on Reddit, was looking for Shiny Kirlia just to the north of Porto Marinada when he came across the occurrence and shared it with the community. During the video segment with the caption “Kiliar pranked me hard,” in which the player circled the lighthouse and saw a woman with blue hair named Kirlia standing near the edge of the cliff, the player encountered the film.

They got close to the Kirlia and then tried to save their progress in the game, but as soon as they touched the “X” button to bring up the menu, the Pokemon disappeared. Friedall soon resumed play after pausing it and sprinted ahead, but it was no avail. The Shiny Pokemon did not reappear until after the trainers had moved some distance away from the place where it had been spawned.

Friedall eventually ran into the Shiny and captured it, but not before it caused quite a commotion and scared the other people.

This transpired because of how Pokemon Scarlet & Violet handles spawn when special menus are active. Because the game does not indeed halt when the menus are brought up, Pokemon in particular proximity to the trainer will “disappear” to reduce the amount of visual clutter.

If it weren’t for the reality that the Pokemons merely disappear visually and can still be encountered after the menu has been closed, Friedall would have had to give a far more disturbing tale.

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