The Last of Us Part I PC Port Faces Widespread Criticism and Allegedly Eligible for Refunds on Steam

The Last of Us Part I’s PC port is allegedly subject to refunds through Steam, regardless of the time spent playing the game. Developer Naughty Dog revealed in February 2023 that The Last of Us Part I’s PC release had been postponed by three weeks. Even though the release date was delayed. The game’s studio claimed it was done to ensure the title was “in the best shape possible.” Nevertheless, the delay did not stop the game’s widespread criticism.

Since The Last of Us was previously a PlayStation exclusive, PC gamers anxiously awaited the port’s release. However, disappointed fans dubbed the game “the single worst PC port.” And some players demanded refunds as a result of the volume of complaints.

The PC adaptation of The Last of Us: Part I fell short

Reddit user Turbostrider27 disclosed Steam had begun accepting refunds for The Last of Us PC port on the PC Gaming subreddit. Games with less than two hours of playtime can typically be returned under Steam’s reimbursement policy if bought less than two weeks ago.

The Last of Us PC port encountered a variety of performance difficulties, including longer loading times. Additionally, the game frequently crashed on players and resulted in severe graphic mistakes. Fans were initially concerned about these bugs when they learned that Iron Galaxy. The developer of Batman: Arkham Knight, would work on the port.

The absurdity is that, according to LeHoz, “Valve’s introduction of the refund system they have in place today was likely made necessary by Iron Galaxy’s port of Arkham Knight.” Reimbursements linger around this studio like a foul odor. Users also made educated guesses as to what went awry with the PC port. 0v3rcl0ck3r stated, “performance reviews show that 8GB VRAM is not enough, and it’s what’s causing the major issues.” The prerequisite for 16GB or even 12GB VRAM on 1080p is unacceptable.

Later, Naughty Dog reacted to the public’s complaints about the PC port’s poor performance. The company asserted that it was “actively investigating” the problems and would subsequently give updates. It’s yet to be determined whether Naughty Dog will be able to fix the seriously broken video game.

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