The Frustration of Destiny 2 Players: Lack of Updates and Information on Gambit Mode

Players of Destiny 2 are supporting Gambit and want to know Bungie’s exact plans for the classic mode. One of Destiny 2’s most innovative features is Gambit. Although the concept of a competitive orb-collection game is not novel, the interference mechanic takes the strategy and fun of the game to a whole new level.

Bungie previously stated that new material for the mode should be coming, but more than a year has passed since that statement was followed up on, and many players are tired of the status quo and eager for a change.

Fans of Destiny 2 beg Bungie for a Gambit update

Game Director Joe Blackburn stated that adding Gambit content to the game was a long-term objective for the developers in August 2021. Gambit – Re: I wanted to make sure the conversation was smooth. In the long run, we want to start hiring people to create new maps,” he stated. We are currently playtesting the s16 up gambit foundation adjustments and concentrating on the economics of heavy ammo, primitive combat, invasion cadence/power, and more.

As they feel that things have become stale in the years since the mode’s inception, players are now requesting that they fulfill that upgrade. A player pieced together a breakdown of the situation, and several spectators supported it. “I understand that creating video games is difficult, but two years would be sufficient to create a new map or perhaps rework an existing one. Currently, Gambit won’t have much to do during the year of Destiny 2 Lightfall, which means that Gambit will have gone five years without a new map.

Another player mentioned that in the previous Destiny, maps used to release “several times per year,” and another said that following the release of Beyond Light, numerous maps were removed from the game due to “lighting issues” and have yet to be replaced. The author of the original post concluded by pointing out that Bungie could have prevented all of this annoyance if they had provided an update and stated whether or not they were even considering the possibility of adding additional Gambit maps in the future or if they had changed their intentions and were working on other things.

Since Bungie hasn’t released any new information on the subject in a while, the community is obviously at its wit’s end, waiting for something.

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