Sons of the Forest Endings: How to Unlock and Experience Each One

Although Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival game, it does have an ending, and there are several for players to find. Here are all the Sons of the Forest endings and instructions on unlocking the hidden end.

Sons of the Forest is an endless game, but if players and their companions get the necessary equipment, such as a shovel and a rope gun, they can finish the game. Many people will ponder what they would have accomplished if they had chosen differently, given that there are multiple possible outcomes, and the final sequence is relatively hurried. Therefore, if you decide to return to that fated woodland and attempt to collect them all, below is a description of every game ending and the total number of them.

How many different ways may Sons of the Forest end?

Sons of the Forest has three alternative outcomes: the horrible, the good, and the secret ending. You must first acquire the VIP and Maintenance Keycard to access these endings. Next, proceed to the bunker in the south and enter the mysterious cube. This will make a safety cube visible, allowing you to avoid the same fate as the island’s other monsters.

After a short while, you will awaken and must decide which ending you wish to experience. Each conclusion is described below.

The Finale of Fight Demons explained

Sons of the Forest Fight Demons Explained

The first, or “bad,” ending will abandon you on the island, where you’ll be forced to battle the monsters indefinitely. Also, getting the backpack will result in this ending, the Battle Demons’ accomplishment, and the helicopter leaving without you.

Understanding the Hidden Boys of the Forest epilogue

The secret finale necessitates considerable planning and research. Get Virginia as a partner first, and keep Kelvin alive as you progress through the game. Then, when you reach the game’s conclusion and the helicopter is there, board it so your friends can follow you.

Everyone will live, and you will earn the achievement Keep Your Friends Close. This is frequently referred to as the secret ending due to the required preparation and care. They will board the chopper with you if you accept Virginia as a companion and prevent Kelvin from dying. You’ll earn the achievement “Keep Your Friends Near” after seeing this hidden ending.

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