Smash Players Demand Ban on Minecraft Steve After Acola’s Victory at Ultimate Summit

Following Mashita ‘acola’ Hayato’s triumph at the final Smash Ultimate Summit, Super Smash Bros. players are demanding that Minecraft Steve be banned from all competitions. After defeating MkLeo, Protobanham, Tweek, and other top players on his route to winning the Ultimate Summit title last weekend, Japanese Smash prodigy Steve main acola proved why he is one of the greatest, if not the best, in the world.

The 16-year-old went on a spectacular run after being knocked into losers by Canadian Ice Climbers expert Big D and eventually won the runback by displaying fantastic adaption against the Icies. The Smash community is currently clamoring for additional events to enforce a Steve ban due to the fighter being unbalanced, much like what happened after other significant victories by the ZETA DIVISION hero.

Demand for Steve Ban by Smash Players globally 

It’s been widely talked about how dominant Steve is in the Smash universe. Despite the fact that Acola has had the most success with the fighter, Steve has drawn considerable controversy due to the number of unique methods developed for him.

Following the revelation of a technology that enables Steve to escape hit stun, various prestigious competitions, including Collision events, Hungrybox’s Coinbox, and others, have thus far banned the character.

Players from all over the Smash community urged that more events forbid the use of Steve following acola’s triumph at the last Smash Ultimate Summit. “I hope Steve gets banned indefinitely and in every region. He is in no way properly balanced. They did such a terrible job with this guy,” a user on Reddit commented.

What a total letdown that that Looney Tunes-ass character won BTS’ illustrious invitational series. Although they congratulated Acola, another wrote, “I can’t wait for him to be generally banned. Another remarked, “Man, if this is the last straw to have Steve banned in NA, so be it.

Others noted that the character may grow even more dangerous given that Acola is still at the height of his power and Steve still needs to be fully tuned. “Steve was far from being optimized, and he can easily counterplay every counterplay that people think of. Please ban this character, someone else tweeted.

We’ll have to wait and watch what transpires soon or if Nintendo can save the game with one final urgent patch to cure these problems permanently.

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