Similarities Between ‘The Day Before’ and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: A Fan’s Discovery

One of the most dedicated fans of Call of Duty Zombies has brought to our attention some striking parallels between “The Day Before” and a trailer for “Cold War.”

Due to the postponement of its release till January 24, the survival shooter The Day Before has caused quite a commotion on the internet. The game is set in a highly hazardous American wasteland. The event’s location has been the subject of intense speculation, and some fans have even suggested that the game might not even take place.

Even though the game’s developers, Fntastic, released a 10-minute gameplay clip on February 2, it was not enough to end the rumors circulating about the game. Call of Duty fans believe that the extended look included several scenarios significantly influenced by Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode.

The similarities between The Day Before and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War

Chromastone10 shared several side-by-side comparison screenshots between the two games on Twitter, and it was evident that he was shocked by how similar the games are to one another. Their initial tweet displayed four photos, two from each game, that are strikingly similar to one another yet come from different sources.

After the first two featured the camera peering down through a set of fragment and onto distinct gory scenarios, the next two featured identical shots of two figures highlighted in red light making their way through creepy corridors.

He also shared another set of photographs that further connected the two games. Other fans are using it as fuel for the hypothesis that TDB could be significantly incomplete in some significant way. One commenter added, “I KNEW that s**t looked familiar,” while another said the same. Another person chimed in and said, “If you’re going to copy, copy from the greatest.”

An astute reader named DanBeforeTime pointed out that the menu for customizing your rifle in The Day Before is similar to another component of the Cold War game. “The Day Before didn’t even bother to attempt to modify the font from the Black Ops Cold War Gunsmith.”

Fntastic has not yet acknowledged any similarity, whether done intentionally or not, but we will continue to stay current on the latest news regarding the game.

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