Respawn Responds to Community Backlash Over Flatline Skin’s Enhanced Iron Sights in Apex Legends

Players of Apex Legends may have believed they had gained an advantage by purchasing a Flatline skin with enhanced iron sights; however, Respawn took swift action to eliminate this perceived advantage. Apex Legends received a new limited-time option, a slew of new Legendary swimsuit skins, and other cosmetic items on March 28 as part of the Sun Squad Collection Event. Other legends who received new decorative items include Fuse and Mirage. The event will continue until April 11; during that time, the skins will be sold in packs in the store every month.

With its new Legendary skin, the Flatline can now be used as a super soaker, transforming it from the standard firearm version. The participants found an additional bonus, and the community members were drawn in because of the fantastic design. The Flatline’s iron sights were redesigned in the Splash Zone skin, and as a result, they provided a better sight line than the design of the basic model. Players who were aggravated by an improved sight being locked behind a paywall lambasted the developers, which compelled Respawn to respond and change appropriately.

Respawn has restored Splash Zone’s flatline iron appearance

On March 28, Respawn announced: “The Splash Zone Flatline skin is currently missing a piece from its iron sights, which is causing it to appear smaller than it should be.” In a future patch, we will modify it to resemble the design that was designed for it more closely. In the past, the iron sights featured a distinct sight line; however, the upcoming change will involve the addition of a new component that will obscure the line of sight.

The developers of Apex Legends came under fire from community members when they changed an avatar after players had already purchased it. Others questioned why the superior iron sights couldn’t simply be set as the primary sight on the Flatline.

On Reddit, players vented their annoyance at the game’s design. “I beg your pardon? Just make all Flatline iron sights appear like this.” Some players have made the implication that the developers made the change to Flatline on purpose, fully aware that players would buy it. “They were completely aware of everything going on with this case.”

This viewpoint was met with some resistance, primarily due to the fact that people would have been interested in a super soaker design regardless. “I mean, skin that looks like a super soaker is fairly awesome, regardless of whether it has a flatline!” The developers at Respawn have yet to provide a timetable for when the sight will be modified. When the iron sights have been reset, we will provide a report on the situation.

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