Genshin Impact Fan Designs Intricate Lego Set Based on Liyue Region

A Genshin Impact fan has created a Lego set that is patterned after the Liyue region of the game. The collection includes character mini-figures as well as buildings from the competition. Genshin Impact, first released in 2020, quickly rose to become one of the most lucrative mobile games thanks to its gacha advertising system.

When Genshin Impact first came out, only two locations were available: Monstadt and Liyue. Later updates added Inazuma and Sumeru to the game’s roster of playable areas. Mountainous and filled with ancient remains, Liyue’s architecture is heavily influenced by China. One Genshin Impact fan was motivated to construct a Lego set based on Liyue Harbor after being exposed to the franchise. However, in order to make it a reality, they require a more significant number of ballots.

Players of Genshin Impact will recognize famous characters reimagined as Legos

Reddit user Dr. Sev posted a message on the Genshin Impact subreddit asking fans to decide on whether or not they would purchase a Lego set based on Liyue. The creation’s page on Lego Ideas has close to 800 supporters as of the time this article was written. And there are still 400 days until it can receive approval from the toy business.

The Genshin Impact Lego set includes several of Liyue’s most recognizable landmarks and is comprised of 2,467 individual components, as specified in the product description. The intricate setting features a ship, two smaller boats, a market stall, a street food cart, a market stall, a street food cart, a wharf tower and bridge, and water bases for the pier pillars, the tower, and the boats.

In addition to the constructions made by Liyue, Dr. Sev developed Lego mini-figures based on a number of the playable characters in Genshin Impact. Xingqiu, Xiao, Zhongli, Xiangling, and Beidou are some of the residents of Liyue that have been highlighted.

Most users complimented Dr. Sev’s intricate Lego model, but they pointed out one minor error. “That set is lovely, and I want it to become official,” GuobaChad wrote. “I hope that it happens.” “Just make sure that you give your Guoba a little piece of food occasionally.” OnTheWayToYou also commented, “I adore Xiangling’s chili sword and Guoba. He lost so much weight… haha.” “You did a fantastic job, and I adore your masterpiece. However, Lego has worked with other video game franchises, such as Super Mario. Also, it is currently unknown whether the business will go through with the Genshin Impact set proposal. Always make sure to check the Lego Ideas page to remain up to date.

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