The End of Fer and Fallen’s “Last Dance” in the CS:GO Community

Fer and Fallen are two well-known players in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) community. Fer, whose real name is Fernando Alvarenga, is a professional Brazilian player who has competed for several top teams, including SK Gaming and MIBR. He is known for his aggressive playstyle and ability to clutch difficult rounds.

On the other hand, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo is also a Brazilian player and former captain of MIBR. He is considered one of the best in-game leaders in the history of the game and has led his team to numerous victories in international tournaments.

As word spreads that Fernando “fer” Alvarenga would retire from CS:GO soon, FalleN’s “Last Dance” collaboration with Imperial is about to come to an end.


FalleN came up with the idea for The “Last Dance” in the beginning of 2022. It brought together three players from the prosperous Luminosity and SK Gaming squads, with fnx and fer joining in-game captain FalleN to relive past triumphs.


According to rumors, Jhonatan “JOTA” Willian of mibr will succeed fer as the band’s leader, keeping the lineup entirely Brazilian for the time being. FalleN will be the last surviving member of the group that won back-to-back majors in 2016 after fnx switched to coaching with Imperial in August 2022. Fer didn’t expressly confirm his retirement, but he did corroborate speculations about it in a cryptic emoji tweet that he posted.

Despite still being active as founding members of the “Last Dance,” boltz and vini were too young to participate in FalleN, fer, and fnx’s best server performances. TACO and coldzera were the players during this time, but when asked to join in late 2021, they declined. Currently, the pair competes for 00 Nation.


The stories for FalleN’s “Last Dance” were as fantastic as they got after an incredible run at the Legends Stage during the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. With the Rio Major, they came to an end of 2022 without taking home any victories on any maps. It would be interesting to see whether FalleN has any more epic victories to share with his followers as he continues to play with Imperial.

It’s unclear at this time if fer will join the CS:GO coaching staff or permanently depart the game. Whatever his choice, Fer has earned the right to make it with the confidence that his fellow athletes and fans respect him.

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