Reflection Glitch Found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Area Zero

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gamer has exposed an odd problem in Area Zero that prevents certain character makeup from being reflected in reflections of the character’s environment.

Players of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have become accustomed to encountering an incredible number of bugs and other troubles while playing through the games. That has been a consistent challenge for players of the series, beginning with latency problems and flaws in the Tera Raid expansion up to the current annoyance caused by the deletion of save files.

Some of these glitches and bugs can be run into during ordinary gameplay. In repeat, others can only be experienced in particular circumstances or don’t come to anyone’s attention until a fan brings them to their attention and other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can replicate them. In one of these scenarios, a trainer has detected a visual bug in Area Zero, which reveals a peculiar problem with the reflections thrown on the crystals that can be found everywhere across the multi-level area.

Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are unable to locate their reflections.

The player shares a photograph of their character taking a selfie in the Area Zero tunnels in a post made on the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit by LinoEmma. At first glance, it may be easy to overlook the issue they have found; nevertheless, the comment located at the very top draws attention to a defect in the reflections cast on the crystals. The question is posed in the form of a letter that says, “Why are eyeglasses not reflected by Area Zero crystals?”

Some Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are similarly perplexed and have pointed up more problems with the reflections. Someone offers the following observation: “Shouldn’t it be reflecting your rear side anyway? That strikes me as more of a stance than it does a reflection. while another chimes in to say, “Nah, but for real, I was thinking this the other day while shiny hunting Scream Tails.” Also, the impacts of water reflection have a significant amount of the same inaccuracy.

On the other hand, a fan who was going through the comments shared an interesting theory about what could have caused the glitch. The problem will not be addressed in any planned patches or upgrades for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is hoped that Game Freak will add the issue to the list of things currently being worked on to provide a more realistic and immersive experience while running into reflections while traversing the area.

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