Pokemon GO Raid Schedule Not To Miss In 2024

Everyone gets excited about Pokemon GO raids because they are fascinating. The raids take place every year on specific dates. If you are looking for the latest schedule, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss all the necessary things about Pokemon GO raids in 2023.

It is always better to prepare for Pokemon GO raids a bit before. You might miss them if you don’t note down the dates. In 2023, Pokemon GO raids will begin in February. 

Pokemon GO Raid Schedule 2024

February is going to be the most exciting month for Pokemon GO lovers. You can participate in all these battles if you want to win them. The following table shows the Pokemon Go Raid Schedule in detail. 

Mega Raids

Mega Gengar1st to 8th February 
Mega Gardevoir8th to 15th February
Mega Pidgeot15th to 22nd February
Mega Latios22nd February to 1st March
Mega Latias22nd February to 1st March

5-Star Raids 

Registeel1st to 8th February
Tapu Lele8th to 15th February
Regirock15th to 22nd February
Rayquaza22nd February to 1st March

3-Star Raids 

3-star battles can take place on any day of the month. So, keep an eye on the 3-star Pokemon GO raid schedule. Sometimes, the dates also change due to various conditions. 

Galarian Stunfisk

1-Star Raids 

The 1-star Pokemon GO raid schedule also changes randomly. You need to be attentive when it comes to checking the dates. 

Huisan Voltorb

What Are The Timings Of Pokemon GO Raids? 

There are specific hours for 5-star Pokemon GO raids. You can participate in them every week. The raid hours are from 6 pm to 7 pm on Wednesday. Players should have plenty of raid passes to get the most out of raid hours. You can also win a 5-star Pokemon during these hours. 

Revitalizing Pokemon Go

What Are The Ways To Enter Pokemon GO Raids? 

You can enter the battles by following some methods. They are as follows-

  • You can collect raid passes every day with the help of spins. These spins are available in any gym. 
  • In-game shops provide premium raid passes to the players. If you have enough money, you can consider purchasing them. They might be costly for beginner players. So, it is essential to analyze everything before making such a decision.
  • Remote raid passes are also available for players who don’t want to go outside to play. You can get these passes to enjoy playing the battles at your home. But you have to collect them from the gym or spin them. 

Where Do Pokemon GO Raids Occur? 

The Pokemon GO Raids usually occur in the gym. You can check out the information about the battles before participating in them. Also, you will get enough time to search for Pokemon in the gym. So you don’t need to worry. 

The Bottom Line 

We hope this article helped you get information regarding the Pokemon GO raid schedule. You can begin your practice to win the battle and get rewards.

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