Pokemon Go Players Report Suspected Nerf to Raid Distance Limitations

Players of Pokemon Go have observed that Niantic appears to have subtly reduced the maximum distance that players can leave a raid once their team faints. Trainers in Pokemon Go are still feeling the effects of Niantic’s contentious decision to modify Remote Raid Pass availability and pricing, which angered a lot of players.

Some players in rural areas stated the modifications rendered raiding “impossible” because of the lengthy wait times and lack of individuals accessible to join once the upgrade went live. Some keen-eyed players believe Niantic has covertly implemented another nerf to raids that may make them even more challenging. This nerf concerns the physical travel distance you may make while inside an attack.

Pokemon Go gamers observe a Raid Nerf in person

The Nerf was described in a post on TheSilphRoad subreddit with the title, “Distance you can walk from the raid and can still rejoin after your team faints seem to have been reduced to 80m.”

According to the OP, they asked a few random players to fight alongside them in a Landorus raid room that they created using a standard Raid Pass to access. They then started walking. Unfortunately, the Landorus outperformed their team of Ice-types and won the battle.

“Normally, when I walk and raid, I can go pretty far (about 300m or so) and still rejoin the battle,” they continue. However, I had to walk back to the gym’s 80-meter spin limit today in order to rejoin the raid, which was annoying. Other players who responded backed up the assertion and mentioned having dealt with such circumstances. I experienced this with a Regieleki raid, but I missed out because the attack had already ended by the time my Pokémon passed.

The OP claimed to have tested and measured the prior distance they were familiar with, which “was roughly 250m.” There was some debate as to whether the distance players could travel had altered. Although this isn’t a game-changing modification for in-person raiding, it restricts how trainers may play in person. We hope that Niantic will soon issue some clarifications regarding this development.

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