Pokemon Go Players Frustrated with In-Game Box Bundle Purchases and Lack of Variety

Players of Pokemon Go are frustrated with the Box bundles that can be bought in the game, and some have even said that they feel “trolled” by Niantic. Players of Pokemon Go have long complained about the costs and contents of in-game box bundle purchases. Throughout the mobile app, the boxes—which alter based on events currently taking on in the game or change weekly—have been a crucial method of obtaining necessary items.

Although the boxes were once an affordable means to buy Incense, Remote Raid Passes, and other frequently used things, subsequent modifications have angered the player community. Trainers have expressed dissatisfaction with the price rise and noticed variances in boxes that feature duplicate titles and are published at the exact times.

The goods presently found in boxes are also less helpful than in the past. Also, any Incubators are visible in screenshots posted to social media in place of Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces, leading some to speculate that game developer Niantic may not be aware of player needs.

Players of Pokemon Go are disturbed by in-app purchases

The_Space_Monkey recently posted a series of photographs from a Pokemon Go player’s in-game shop on Reddit. “My boxes are different from the ones I’ve seen posted in the last 24 hours,” the message declares.

One Incense, two Super Incubators, and three Egg Incubators are included in the first box, which costs 500 PokeCoins. The Explorer Box comes with 30 Ultra Balls, 5 Incense, 13 Super Incubators, and 2 Egg Incubators at a high price of 1480 PokeCoin. The Great Box, which costs 1100 PokeCoins and includes only five Fast TMS and five Chared TMs, has generated the most controversy.

Furious fans are expressing their outrage in the comments, with one writing, “Genuinely made a double take at that great box.” In response, the original poster says, “I believe they’re just being a troll with that box… Who could do that? “Nah… the boxes used to have 18 incubators for 1480,” another player interjected. Although a lot of Pokemon Go gamers concur that having a lot of incubators can be helpful, the expense and lack of variety in box contents still need to be addressed. Many people agree that as long as the boxes are still unfriendly, they will not be spending any money on in-game microtransactions.

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