Pokemon Go Players Express Discontent Over Lack of In-Game Routes and Route-Related Research Missions

Due to the lack of in-game Routes, Pokemon Go players have expressed discontent with several ongoing Research missions. Routes, a feature that allows players to create courses that other trainers can follow to see real-world landmarks or earn in-game benefits, were just added to Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, the feature hasn’t been implemented as many had anticipated. Many fans have stated explicitly that they haven’t found any Routes in their neighborhood, which has sparked calls to relax the requirements for submitting PokeStops. Trainers have now begun airing their grievances about being unable to do particular Research missions, including Routes.

Players of Pokemon Go need help locating Routes

The problem was brought up in a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit. “I find it oddly hilarious that even though this research has been up for about a week, I still can’t get started on this page because NOBODY in my local community can make routes yet,” the post’s title said.

The job that states “Follow 3 Routes” and provides one Incense is seen in a screenshot that the OP uploaded. Due to the general absence of Routes in their area, many players need help on this assignment. One supporter said, “I live in the third largest metro area in Canada and still can’t find a single Route,” while others in both urban and rural locations had a similar grievance.

Some trainers mentioned that they had already submitted many Routes but ran into several issues along the way. “I listed three routes that were pending approval. It took me around ten tries because the recording stops if you go too quickly. It also pauses your recording if you come to a complete stop, such as while waiting at a crosswalk. One trainer suggested allowing players to zoom out further on the map to observe generally hidden Routes. “I don’t understand why you can’t zoom out at least a few miles so you’d have a chance of finding some routes.” In the end, Pokemon Go’s Routes feature will take some additional time to fully and smoothly integrate into the game. Trainers could be forced to wait for the time being on some Route-related Research activities.

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